Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership. To add a testimonial of your own, submit it on the Customer Survey page.

"I am the new owner of a 2011 Arlen Ness Victory Vision. The Vision is the most comfortable bike I have ever been on. I also own 2 Harleys which I love to ride. Each bike has it's own personality and function, but if I am going on a long trip, the Vision is the bike I will be on. Although I did not purchase it from Rosedale, (it was at a car dealership), everyone there, from sales to parts and service, has been extremely helpful every time I have been to there. Prices on accessories and service items that I have purchased, have been competitive with the internet and the service you receive is outstanding. Keep up the good work"Tony | Albuquerque, NM
"I made the mistake of purchasing a new EV from another dealer. I took it out three separate times. Each time it left us walking. I took it back to the dealer twice, and explained exactly what happened. They said they checked it out, and that there was nothing wrong with it. A friend told me to call Mike, which I did. After explaining the problem to him, he said there is definitely something wrong, bring it in and I will fix it. The motor turned out to be defective. He had a new one delivered from the manufacturer, and installed it for no charge. Thank you!!"Steve Polisar | Albuquerque, NM
"We have been looking for a trike for almost a year. Another dealer suggested we talk to Mike at Rosedale cause he was the most knowledgeable on the victory line. We did just that and WOW they were right! Mike and all of the staff at Rosedale are the best I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. We now own a 2011 Victory Crossbow. What a awesome bike!!!! Now comes the fun part of accessories. My wish list is growing. To Mike and the staff at Rosedale, Carla and I want to thank you so much and we will be seeing you soon."Jim and Carla Moffat | Caballo, NM
"Mike has always been great to me. He always finds time to talk even if I am not in to buy anything. His attitude and shop rate 5 stars and the product ain't bad either. After riding 1 block on a Victory, I was hooked, sold my Sporty and got me an 8 Ball. My Posse all ride Harleys. After they finish talking about their oil leakers, they always point at my 8 Ball and say it walks away from their HD's. "Mark Ashley | Albuquerque, NM
"I bought my Hyosung and was so pleased and impressed with both the sales and service!!! They treated me fantastic! They are courteous, honest and reliable! They have gone above and beyond to take care of my bike! Much appreciated! My next bike will definitely come from Rose-dale! Thanks for everything!"Amy K | Albuquerque, NM
"I have purchased one sled and a lot of parts from Mike at Rosedale and he has the best service of any dealer I have ever been around. He will bring parts up to the mountain if you need and even help you install them on his time off. Dealer service is unmatched anywhere! I would buy from them again."Fynn Morelli | DFW, TX
"Thanks, you treat me well."David Gylling | LaJara, CO
"Bought my 08 Vegas, Bill (Manager) was awesome in getting me a great deal on my bike. Pretty much played phone tag, but he got the job done. Been back to the shop for accessories and the staff have been very helpful. I just wish I lived closer to Albuquerque to visit more often."Raldo GTM | Farmington, NM
"I've had my Kingpin 8-Ball for a year now and everywhere my wife and I go we get compliments and positive feedback. I really, really like this bike and wouldn't trade it for any other, except another Victory. I ride with guys that have "other" motorcycles and my Victory gets the most attention. I'm not disrespecting any other motorcycle, I just prefer Victory. All riders of those other bikes, just test drive a Victory and let it do the talking, not anyone else. To each his own. Ride hard!"Anonymous | Albuquerque, NM
"The Rosedale guys are AWESOME! Mike took a lot of time to answer all of my questions and concerns. My new Dragon runs great especially with all of the performance accessories. THANKS MIKE!!! "Tim Haight | La Vernia, TX
"Just got my new RZR S and it really rocks. The guys at Rosedale really know how to set up a machine. I have purchased 5 snowmobiles 2 ATVs and am very pleased with your group."Gilbert Smith | Santa Fe, NM
"I was at your shop last week and was VERY IMPRESSED with the custom RZR and mostly the custom sled. I have now ordered my new sled from Rosedale. Everyone into sleds has to visit the shop and check out their custom work. thanks MIKE"Anonymous | Albuquerque, NM
"Bill and Mike were very good to work with. They got my order for my 10th Anniversary Edition Victory Vision in fast enough for me to be one of the lucky 100 owners. The only one in New Mexico. They kept me informed as to the status of my order regularly and they were very informative and helpful when I picked it up. Thank you Bill and Mike. I will be in touch shortly to start ordering accessories."Michael Hass | Clayton, NM
"I like turtles and that those guys that work there are awesome! They kick ass!"Willy Nelson | anytown usa, SK
"The guy who was beaten by your bike was a sorry sport. You guys impressed me so much I now have a Victory, thanks."Brian Jetter | Santa Fe, NM
"Was at the show with the Dyno drags last month. I saw a Harley Night Rod get blown away by your Victory bikes. I own a Night Rod and it is now for sale. I rode your bikes today and am very impressed. My goal is to move up from this P.O.S. I will own the best bike built by Victory!"Dave Larson | Albuquerque, NM
"I was so thrilled when my 06 Harley-Davidson Night Rod was able to light up 4 of your bikes on the Dyno drags at the bike expose' earlier this month. I felt so bad for you guys, frantically having to search for a bike to beat mine so you could win your precious trophy. Its also too bad that there was a crowd gathered while my Night Rod was lighting your bikes up. That isn't really good advertising. Face it, your bike is nothing compared to a Harley. I just hope you don't sell that Hammer to someone as "brand new" after it was drag raced (poorly, I might add). Better luck next time."Dustin Hall | Albuquerque, NM
"I started doing business with Rosedale back in 1992 and have been a satisfied customer ever since. Between my family and I, we have purchased five Victory Motorcycles, Eight Snowmobiles, one Watercraft and ten ATVs. The sales and service of Rosedale has been outstanding. "Darin MacKenzie | Rio Rancho, NM